Tuesday, July 18, 2017

To Mr. Trump And The United States Congress Concerning Healthcare

To start with, I'm just going to say that national healthcare issue in my opinion isn't the over all responsibility of the U.S. Government that exists as a democracy based on a capitalist foundation or system and further, a government not geared towards a socialist society however and at the same time, it is the governments burden to yield oversight regarding the private sector in monitoring the American public's welfare via holding the private sector to ethical and fair standards via legislation that benefits its constitutes.

I will also venture to say that many genies were released from their bottles in Administrations past, released upon an unsuspecting society whom much of the time were kept in the dark and very oblivious to the back door scheming that incurred within the halls of Congress that ultimately worked against our interests.  Now, I don't want to bore you by re iterating my point of Citizens United that you can read about here at: http://reclaimdemocracy.org/who-are-citizens-united/ however it plays a huge role  in the way our elections are won and lost right on up to the laws that are passed either working for or against the American people.

We must consider the part of Citizens United in giving you a breakdown of the American healthcare crisis currently affecting us all as this while seeing it, as the largest obstructing component hindering the issue at hand. “Big Pharma” is a big problem as this is where and again, cooperate influence is found working against the American health interest as you can read over here at this link provided for your convenience at : http://ronnie.organicconsumers.org/regenerating-public-health-beyond-obama-and-trump/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0OTcoMqT1QIVFLbACh2bLwDZEAAYASAAEgL1FPD_BwE

It was the Citizens United decision passed by the Supreme Court that opened the door and let this demonic genie out of it's bottle and or, the thing that really stole the American election process from the American people and not Russian election interference as you can read more about here at this link that again, is provided for your convenience and review at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/01/22/AR2010012203874.html .

To Mr. Trump’s credit I must admit that he has the answers here http://www.newsweek.com/trump-drug-prices-big-pharma-552295  but at the same time I'm wondering how Big Pharma would take any movement in these areas and to answer my own question, they would take it badly because they make too much money in cornering the prescription market.  Moreover, to ensure that Big Pharma huge scam isn't screwed up by some guy looking out for the American people in this instance they of course, have their lobbyists deep within the Congressional halls sitting next to the N.R.A. guys that will convince the politicians in their pockets to vote against anything that would work against their profits.

Again, and in theory, even if Mr. Trump wanted to do something nice for the American public his hands are tied by the very people that put him there in the first place, his handlers being the big cooperate donors that have different interest and profit fields to guard with a passion and thus, this is why we see Republicans throwing up their hands currently on healthcare and blaming the democrats for the failure of a fair and affordable healthcare system.

And yet, there are other long reaching and dire issues constantly undermining our democracy and government institutions that have nothing to do with unlimited donations by big corperate money men some of which  being from Russia and hence, I will address each of these factors in the following paragraphs below. “Why does health care cost so much in America?” Greed would be my response yet read this link and give me your opinion on the matter at : http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/why-does-health-care-cost-so-much-in-america-ask-harvards-david-cutler/.

Medical Malpractice suits are another issue that drives up the cost of medical care as you can read about here at this link of : https://www.irmi.com/articles/expert commentary/tort-reform-and-its-impact-on-medical-malpractice-insurance here at this other link given for your review below at : http://www.insurancejournal.com/news/national/2013/08/25/302803.htm hence, if the Doctor pays out more to stay in practice then he or she passes this increase the patients and or, if persons receive medical assistance and fail to pay for their medical services then of course, this cost gets passed onto the next guy.

Ok, and to recap what we have so far as follows: Corperate interference in a democratic government that makes that government obliged to serve them instead of the people that voted them into office, Pharmaceutical greed that fights everyday to gouge the general public at the worst time in our lives, pharmaceutical and corperate entities that seek to cut off open prescription trade with other nations because this would cause them a huge financial profit and loss, Doctors that can't afford to stay in practice as a result of unaffordable medical malpractice insurance, and insurance fraud or scams against our medical institutions.

Or something going on such as this that doesn't help either:“The Great American Hospital Pricing Scam Exposed” https://www.forbes.com/sites/rickungar/2013/05/08/the-great-american-hospital-pricing-scam-exposed-we-now-know-why-healthcare-costs-are-so-artificially-high/#4ab920183bff and here at “Insurance Fraud” :http://www.tdi.texas.gov/pubs/consumer/cb044.html . “Insurance Fraud is Driving Up Premiums” : http://www.businessinsurance.org/insurance-fraud-is-driving-up-premiums/ .

No, I maintain that it's not the governments place or authority to govern healthcare and yet, it is the governments full duty to abide by the United States Constitution in protecting and safeguarding the American people from these types of activities to which, I really can't see it doing especially when, the very law makers and sitting President have the instigators of these unethical and at times, unlawful practices lobbying the halls of the Senate, House, and Oval Office and therein, rests the enigma.

In essence, the American people are asking the government being a problem in itself to fix the outer issues that confront us all today starting with legal immigration right on down to healthcare.  A bankrupt and poorly staffed government taking on the burdens of a nation that can hardly handle a damn news conference, even with the cameras off.

With all this said above, I still have hope and faith in most of you upright, hard working folks in Congress on both sides of the isle to work together and pass some meaningful legislation that will correct these issues stated above however, this will be a difficult task in light that you have forces all around you that will block your efforts at every turn at the will of their corperate masters and so, I bid you the best of luck in your pursuits.

As for you Mr. Trump, you're innocent until proven guilty by the Mueller investigation in my book and I hope you will just leave the damn media alone, let the investigation do its job, don't be too  trusting of Vlad and or in a hurry to lift sanctions and why ? Because Mr. Putin can be very charming and thinks nothing of breaking his promises.  Mr. Putin has his country to look after but in doing so, the things he does might not be advantageous to our country citing his election interference, etc.

At this point, I just want the government to address the right areas in taking care of all of us out here such as, we need affordable healthcare and the private sector needs to afford us this -  a clean environment, a good economy and for all people to be treated equally with dignity.  

Please check out the links above as this is where we need to start the path to affordable healthcare. If you can't pass good resolutions to the issues named above, if we don't get these basic human needs fulfilled, I think your parties unemployment rate will go way up in the coming midterms and as I've said before and you will be a one term president.  Best of luck to you Mr. Trump & Congress.

Sincerely Jim M.